Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

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Re: Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

Post  Twirlie on Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:05 am

The Finals!

How we watched and wondered!

I’ve had a busy weekend, so it turns out that instead of being first up with a view of the weekend, I’m tail-end-Charlie! I’ve read most of the comments. I see you’ve all enjoyed the show as well… OK mostly enjoyed the show. I never thought there was an obvious winner, though I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be Gemma.
On to the show:-
Great opening. Outrageously showbiz. Tess and Claud beautifully dressed again. Shirley as well dressed as Darcy for once.

Judge’s Pick

I loved Alexandra and Gorkas’ American Smooth first time round and thought it lost a lot of atmosphere without the coat and the little hat. All the charm of the dance was in the way it reflected Eliza Doolittle. I can understand why she danced without it but although it might be technically better it lost all feeling. Alex’s problem all over again.
I held my breath all through Debbie and Giovannis’ Salsa. I was really worried about the one handed spin lift but she brought it off. Everything in the number was a lot smoother. She really improved it.
I really enjoyed Gemma and Aljazs’ Paso Doble. Again. Very exciting This dance was much improved from the last time as well. My only disappointment was her hair. Obviously, with the other dances to do, she couldn’t have her hair braided as before and they made a good imitation of it, but it wasn’t the same. I know a lot of people didn’t like that look, but I really liked the exotic look of those braids.,
Joe and Katyas’ Viennese Waltz Bloody marvellous. Yet again much improved and also very exotic. So smooth and elegant.


Alexandra and Gorkas’ Showdance seemed to be Charleston based, though there were lots more dances in there. I found it a bit of a mish mash. She was even a little ungainly at times.
Debbie and Giovannis’ on the other hand was very, very sweet, a beautiful routine which suited her to a T.  Even Mrs Twirlie had a wee cry! It didn’t win her the Glitterball though. It did seem that she was merely doing a routine of what suited her best and what came easiest to her. Too much ballet and not enough off anything else.
I enjoyed Gemma and Aljaz. I wondered if she was really worried about it at the beginning, but no, she dived in head first. Lots of lovely and exciting choreography. I thought Gemma’s Showdance, more than any of the others, raised her game far above her normal standard, and made an impact in a way the others didn’t. She showed the most confidence that she’s done all series.
Joe and Katya Not bad, Not bad, Not bad! Was that the winning dance? It certainly contributed.  I loved the changes of frock for Katya. I’ve seen that trick in other shows but it never gets old. It was a clever concept, with a clever execution, and clever costumes. Mind you she could have stayed in the “rags” costume for longer, as far as I was concerned. She looked so very, very cute.

Celebrities Favourites

Alexandra and Gorkas’  Jive. This was very good, but sorry – still left me cold.
Debbie and Giovannis’ Argentine Tango. Brilliant! Just brilliant. I’d easily have given this a 10.
Gemma and Aljazs’  American Smooth was as beautiful and elegant as ever, though I did wonder if it was a little more restrained because they didn’t have the space to dance in that they did in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.
Joe and Katyas’ Charleston. I didn’t really enjoy this first time round, but tonight I did. I changed my mind completely. It was just magnificent. If they didn’t have it in the bag before, this is the dance that swung the vote for them I’m sure of it. A good comedy routine rarely fails to impress the GBP.

I’ve seen Ed Sheeran perform better, and where was the dance? The little that Pasha and Karen did just wasn’t enough for me. (Was it significant that she wasn’t dancing with Kevin? Hope not.)

The final group dance was a complete and utter joy. A fitting tribute to all that Strictly’s been this year,

Joe and Katya were never particularly my favourites, but I don’t begrudge them their victory one little bit. Katya’s wonderful at choreographing outside the box. We could see that after Gangnam Style last year.  She’s not afraid to go there but manages to do it without breaking any rules or upsetting the judges.  She’s like a great horse trainer and brought Joe up to peak form just in time for the Derby!!!
I’ve enjoyed Gemma and Aljaz as a couple most of all. Not perhaps for their dancing, but they were always so happy and cheerful. They definitely win the Mr and Miss Congeniality prize!

One last footnote: of the new dancers, I’d be disappointed if Nadiya didn’t come back next year. She’s been a definite asset to the group.

It’s been lovely chatting to you all again, and if I don’t have anything else to say this year - even at Christmas -  then see you all next autumn. Keep Dancing! xxx

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Re: Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

Post  Tappingfeet on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:16 am

allsewnonbyhand wrote:Just got in after a busy family day -6 hour round trip  for 3 hours of family gathering !-and read all your comments.
Firstly, Tapps ( can I call you that?) it was lovely to "meet" you and read your comments I do hope you liked us enough to join us again next year!

I would love to be called Tapps and will definetly join you all again .I have enjoyed the board and the easy discussions and no bickering !

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Re: Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

Post  Tappingfeet on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:17 am

B4p wrote:Neil & Katya doing a Cha-Cha to a Santana number, but watch Katya's dress

Wow, ! How on earth did the do that ! I havent worked it out yet after multiple watching . Razz Razz

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Re: Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

Post  saxonsiren on Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:55 pm

Alls Happy Christmas and new year. I lurk on twitter #Saxonjus .I'm nearing end of steroids and cautious ribs aching again last few days. Everyone now seems be full of flu , my sister and best friends husband and few at other half's work. So I'm avoiding infection however I have lung test in the morning in the finest bug atmosphere possible the local Hospital Shocked shall I wear a mask!

santa santa rendeer

Tapping lovely to have you here on forum hope you're a fan of DOI! We have a new thread and a guess who's in SCD 2018 to keep us through the dark non SCD months.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year xxc santa rendeer rendeer

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Re: Strictly 17 A little bit of Honesty

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