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Post  TANGOLERO on Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:24 am

Not at all a new question, but I wonder just how much the actual dance/discipline itself, ie,paso, tango, waltz,jive etc, affects people's voting, even judges scoring? To clarify that hypothetically, suppose, in week one, A nton and partner are doing a waltz and Brendan and his charge are dancing paso, Alijaz has a tango and Kevin a jive; all might perform well, but will the popularity/preference of a dramatic dance be a factor amongst neutral voters, even (whisper it) amongst judges over a Charlston, Jive or Rumba? It leads back to the old view that everyone should do the same every week, which the T.V Moguls might think will affect ratings due to mixed entertainment having (in their eyes) more appeal, but nevertheless, it might well kill somebody's chance of even getting beyond week one if a preferement is due to dance choice. Even at later stages when everyone is dancing to a decent standard, can the dance form tip the see-saw a bit unfairly ? Just asking for views.

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Post  B4p on Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:16 am

I agree Tango. It's interesting how all the contestants are now saying how hard the Cha-Cha is, yet until recently, it's always been the first latin dance they learn for week 1 & 2.

Most of the rumbas are cringeworthy to me and I can see why a few of the pros try to get that one out of the way early. Imagine an American Smooth female being against a male doing a rumba further down the line? Unlikely the rumba would get the same types of scores.

Br uno likes the latin and the Paso, Cr aig likes the contemporary twists. Darcey mentions the topline but doesn't know enough to judge the ballroom footwork. Shirley can obviously judge latin & ballroom.

I think it would be great to have a Charleston week instead of musicals week next year. It would be a chance to have some fun and also see how the pros go for the 'wow' or 'different' factor. It would also level the playing field a bit. Musical week and Movie week seemed to have merged into one to me and I don't mind giving one of those a miss.

I'd like to see the salsa and sambas done on the same night so that there is a faint glimmer of hope that we are allowed to see the difference in the two individual dances instead of the disco mish-mash that often get served up. Maybe one week ballroom then the next latin. Some contestants seem to have a run of either one or the other.

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Post  saxonsiren on Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:59 am

119% agree with you Mr T... I've wished for the first 2 weeks one Latin and 1 Ballroom dance all the couples dance.No faffing week one with Tango/Paso/Jive /Charleston . I like to see the couples grow to improve on basic footwork yes basic steps and posture! To then draw on this foundation to build another layer another dance.....

Stop having 15 couples. I'm bored in week 1,2 & 3 too long a show and I forget dances in the middle section. 12 max please.
Theme weeks stop so many predictable ie Halloween No . A Week of Jives another of Charleston I'd love to see. Different styles and choreography I can compare the couples progress in one show....

SCD tired and needs a boost so going back to old fashioned dance school etiquette, the tails and frothy frocks I long for. Fifth judge add and let's see the % of public votes for the bottom two... The rest on ITT on Monday.
A final ITT after the f8nal to interview the winner and runners up I need that end round up....

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Dance appeal Empty Re: Dance appeal

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